Identity School of Acting : SPRING TERM

I can’t believe how quickly 12 weeks have passed! I’ve just finished my first term at IDSA – where has the time gone?

Being a new student and not knowing many people studying there, I didn’t really know what to expect from the school but I’ve really really enjoyed my experience so far. The classes are set up in two six week blocks, two teachers for one half of the term and then two different teachers for the rest of the term. Summer term is set up differently as in this term you do a filmcase or a showcase performance and for this you get one teacher for the whole 12 weeks. I am so so excited about next term!

I absolutely loved the first half of term – I have nothing but positive words to say about it; it has definitely been the highlight for me. My class had Jonathan Bradshaw for text and Andrew Darren Elkins for movement – both absolutely inspirational teachers; they really pushed us and I grew so much as an actor in just six weeks with them. Andrew does workshops at the Monobox and a short course at IDSA called ‘The Totality of An Actor‘ that I’d definitely recommend checking out if you’d fancy being pushed to your physical limits. You’ll be sweaty!

I applied to IDSA to train and refine my craft, I didn’t know much about the business or agency links before I began training. I started the school with the mentality of just wanting to learn and become a better actor – I didn’t realise how big the opportunities were for the students from the agency. Since being at IDSA, I’ve learnt so much about the industry and business side of acting which has been incredibly useful and eye opening – I don’t think I would have got this information from training elsewhere. Students in groups advanced and above are automatically enrolled onto the school’s agency, Identity School of Acting Talent. At the beginning of this term I was put on to the agency’s books and had a bit of a whirlwind couple of weeks with auditions. I was put up for a BBC feature film supporting role, a Sky One series regular and a Sky Atlantic. I know this is quite rare as this is my first term at the school but I’m super grateful for the opportunities the agency has given me already and I am so excited to see where my journey leads with them as I continue to train.

A lot of people ask me whether it is worth training at IDSA and I always say yes! I’ve really enjoyed being at the school this term and the opportunities it gives the students are amazing. The fees are only £500 a term (12 weeks) for U21’s and personally I don’t think that is too bad when you can be paying £9,000 a year for drama school. In total IDSA costs me £1,500 a year to train which is incredibly affordable in comparison to RADA or LAMDA.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed my first term at IDSA and I’ve met some brilliant people; we’ve had some highs, lows and pretty much everything in between. I’m absolutely buzzing for next term – bring it on.

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