The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind. After a couple of weeks training at IDSA, I was invited to join their agency IDSA Talent which I’m incredibly pleased about.

Within a week of being on the agency, I received my audition with them which was a supporting role for a BBC/BFI feature film. I’m yet to hear back to see whether it progresses further but I’m incredibly pleased to have been put forward for it and to gain the experience no matter the outcome!

Being definitely due some updated headshots, a few weeks back I booked a session with the fabulous Andrew James Photography after seeing his work on the NYT website. Andrew was a delight to work with and I’d definitely (and have) recommend him to all of my actor-friends. Though everyone has their own opinion on headshots, I personally like shots where the actors look natural, warm and that their eyes are engaging which is why I was over the moon when I came across Andrew’s website! As my casting age range is from 15-25, I needed a variety of different looks which I feel that we successfully achieved.

Choosing the final shots was an incredibly hard task as everyone I asked liked completely different shots for completely different reasons. The more people I asked, the harder the decision became so in the end I decided that it was best to ask my agent for his advice and go with those. It is actually really really hard to look at yourself objectively when choosing head shots so it just made sense to get someone to make the decision for me.

Here are the final shots:

Now that my Spotlight page is updated and is looking funky fresh, I’m excited to see what 2018 brings being on IDSA Talent’s books!!

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