The Big Move

I’d be surprised if you didn’t already know from my social media that I have moved to London. I’ve been wanting to move to London allllllllllllll my life – mainly for my career but secondly because it is such a beautiful city. As much as I loved living in the Lake District, I also couldn’t wait to be around people younger than 40 years old, not to talk about hills and finally be able to get a takeaway delivered to my house.

After a years worth of hard work scooping a few thousand ice creams, working 6 or 7 days a week and saving as much as possible by barely leaving the house apart to go to work and back, I finally had enough money saved up to make the big move.

London is extremely expensive compared to the rest of the U.K. – I was astounded by the asking prices for some of the properties available (£2,000 a WEEK!?!) but it isn’t unaffordable by any means – you just have to find the right area. After a lot of research, talking to friends and scouring blog posts of Londoners, Eden and I decided that we definitely wanted to live central and North of the river but this is a lot more expensive compared to the South. Originally we wanted to live in the borough of Islington as I absolutely love the big Victorian town houses, little independents and restaurants but we couldn’t find something within budget that ticked all the boxes for us. Drained and disheartened after a couple of weeks house hunting in Islington, we branched out our search and finally found the perfect property in Paddington which is literally 5 minutes from Hyde Park (a perfect location!)

Our adorable little flat came unfurnished so we have spent the past few days buying furniture which has actually been super fun but also very stressful. Fortunately we’ve timed it just right and there have been lots of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales where we’ve managed to get some cracking deals on furniture.

Here’s a few pictures of what our flat looks like so far:

Curtains – IKEA
Peace Lily – IKEA
Sofa – Habitat
Cushions – Habitat & IKEA
Knotted Pouffe – Habitat
Side table – La Redoute
Candle – Agnes and Cat (obviously)
TV stand – La Redoute
Scandi clothing rail – John Lewis

We’re still waiting on a few items such as a coffee table, bedside table and a dressing table to be delivered but I’ll update my blog with pictures when those arrive. Next on our list is to create a cute dining space behind the sofa when the January sales hit and to style the three large shelves we have just above the TV – they are definitely being covered in plants, that is for sure.

Now that we have the big items out of the way, I’m trying to focus our search in independent shops as you can find some really lovely things. Trouva is a really good website for hunting down boutique stores such as Forest in Dulwich which is now on my list of shops to visit for plants and pots to style the shelves.



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