Evelyn’s Cafe & Bar – Manchester

I’ll be surprised if you haven’t heard of Evelyn’s. It’s a beautifully decorated cafe & bar in the Northern Quarter of Manchester.

On one of my (very rare) days off, I managed to pop into Manchester to check it out as I’ve been wanting to visit for a very looooong time. Now, the Northern Quarter of Manchester is meant to be the ‘trendy’, ‘up and coming’ part of the city but if I’m honest, I find it a bit shabby. It’s one of those places where people have said it’s ‘up and coming’ for years but it’s never quite got there.

Nevertheless, Evelyn’s is absolutely gorgeous and pretty on point for a cafe- hats off to whoever designed the interior decor. I regret not taking a photo of the interior but I’ve managed to steal this one off their website…

My favourite part of the interior (which you can’t see on this photo) is just slightly to the right is a suspended concrete jungle of plants which hangs from the ceiling. I am in love with it.

Anyway, I was really impressed with the food. Like seriously impressed. However I actually couldn’t understand a few things on the menu, it was a tiny bit pretentious… Maybe I’m not trendyΒ enough but I had no idea what ‘ECB beef’, ‘sriracha’ or ‘whipped tofu’ were alongside a few other ingredients. So I played it safe and went for grilled chicken with crispy brown rice and Andy went for a burger. I tend to avoid places that serve kale and quinoa but Evelyn’s have a good balance of Korean/Asian dishes on their menu that helped persuade me to stay. Food service was kind of slow (around a 40 minute wait even though it was quiet) but it was definitely worth the wait. On the plus side, there seemed to be an option for everyone; GF, V or veggie.

It tasted as good as it looks and I was incredibly jealous of the amazing chips that came with the burger.

I’ll definitely be visiting Evelyn’s again next time I’m in the NQ, maybe next time will be for dinner and cocktails. If you’re in the area, definitely check this place out but have Google at the ready to translate parts of the menu.

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