Turin, Italy

A couple of months ago I popped over to Turin to surprise my boyfriend for his 21st birthday. It was my first time traveling to Italy and my first time getting a connecting flight on my own! I’m surprised I got there in one piece.

Turin is located just next to the Alps which is fantastic for skiers. Unfortunately I can’t ski nor did I arrive in time for the season so I didn’t go. It’s also home to one of the worlds largest Egyptian museums, Museo Egizio.

If I’m honest, apart from those two things, there isn’t much to do in Turin apart from eat, drink and shop. I ate a ridiculous amount of gelato when I was there. Mine and Eden’s favourite gelato shop was definitely Niva Gelato. If you’re visiting Turin, I would suggest that Niva is the first place you visit. It was actually the best ice cream I have EVER tasted in my entire life. However, the menu is in Italian so if you’re not the best at Italian, you may need to brush up on your flavour vocabulary before visiting. I was fortunate enough to have my personal translator Eden with me to translate.

IMG_1376 copy


From day one of me arriving in Turin, everyone kept raving about Eataly (I had no idea what it was). Now imagine IKEA but for amazing Italian food… Yes, that is Eataly. It’s located near the old Fiat factory where part of the original ‘Italian Job’ was filmed. I have never seen so much pasta for sale and I didn’t know there were so many different types of pasta! Not only do they sell an amazing array of food, they also serve food too in different parts of the shop. Of course Eden and I took this opportunity to stuff our faces with pizza and pasta- I had a delicious asparagus spaghetti dish. It was my first time eating pasta al dente and I can safely say it was gorgeous and I wish I got the recipe to make it at home. Eataly is really reasonably priced too and you can get some really great treats to take home.


On the topic of food, we visited La Capannina for dinner one night. This is a really great place to get some traditional Italian food. Before eating at La Capannina, I was a calzone virgin. I had never eaten one before so of course it was my choice of dish. For two mains, two desserts and a bottle of wine it came to around €40 which we thought was amazing!IMG_1387

Although there isn’t much to do in Turin, a nice day out is to visit Basilica di Superga. You can get to it via a small tram that takes you up and down the hill which is super cute. The view at the top is really nice, especially on a clear day- you can see the whole city. At the top of Superga hill there’s a little cafe and a bar inside the basilica if you want to grab something to eat or drink. The basilica itself is incredibly pretty and peaceful.



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