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For those of you who know me, you’ll know that Homeground is my first point of call whenever I’m in Windermere. I absolutely love this place and luckily for me I work just over the road.

If I’m honest, before I went to Homeground I couldn’t tell the difference between ‘good coffee’ and ‘bad’, all coffee tasted the same. But I’ve been converted! I’m no coffee expert (unlike Rich who owns Homeground) but a cup of instant coffee no longer satisfies my taste buds.

HG 1

HG 3

Above you can see my two favourite dishes from HG. My absolute all time favourite is HG’s waffles with crispy bacon, maple syrup and vanilla cream. Now this is a big and mighty dish, so I’d suggest you should tackle it on a hungry stomach as it’s filling.

On the right is a dish from HG’s specials menu, Buttermilk Chicken. I first saw this dish on their Instagram and just had to have it. It looked delicious and tasted even better than it looked. I’d highly recommend this dish, however it’s popular so I’d suggest getting there early if you’d like it for lunch.

Unfortunately I never get round to taking any photographs of Homeground’s famous doughnuts before I devour them. But can you really blame me? HG’s Oreo cookie flavoured doughnuts are definitely my no. 1 comfort food.

Homeground has become ridiculously popular in the last few months and rightly so! But this means that sometimes getting a table is hard, especially on bank holidays. I’d suggest to get there bright and early as around 10am it starts to fill up quickly.

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