Identity School of Acting

2018 has started off with an absolute bang for Miss McPherson, I have just started training part time at Identity School of Acting.

IDSA was originally formed to cater for all actors to reflect the multicultural society we live in. Since its opening in 2003, it has boomed with success and has an incredible alumni: John Boyega, Malachi Kirby, Letitia Wright and Damson Idris to name a few!

Being unsuccessful with my drama school applications for two years, I decided to audition for IDSA as I love the structure of the classes being two days a week which gives me time to attend castings and work professional acting jobs whilst I train. After a year out of the drama school auditions circuit, I’ve come to the conclusion that drama school training isn’t for me – I’d much rather ‘train as I go’ and this is just because I think three years is a very very very long time.

IDSA also has their own agency, Identity Agency Group which is one of the top agencies in the UK and over 80% of their actors are IDSA students. The agency also has sub-divisions to represent their students, IAG Commercials and IDSA Talent which deal with smaller castings for film, TV, commercials, short films, stage etc. which a few of my friends are represented by. As I’ve been placed into the U21s Advanced group, I qualify to be represented by IAG Commercials and IDSA Talent after the summer term where I’ll do a stage or film showcase which I’m super excited about.

I had my first class on Wednesday and absolutely loved it so I’m really looking forward the next few months (or maybe years) at Identity!

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