Business Adventure!

I haven’t had time to do any blogging recently as I’ve been super busy starting up my own business (crazy, I know).

It has been an emotional roller coaster but my ice cream shopΒ is finally open and trading! There are still a few bits and bobs that need doing to finalise the look i.e. adding some funky cushions and plants for outside but I’m happy with the overall look and branding so far.


We sell over 20 flavours of local, farm made ice cream and sorbets. Hopefully we’ll move onto coffees, crepes and waffles soon but that takes way too much planning for my brain to cope with right now. I’m taking it one step at a time.


Apart from my ice cream freezer breaking after using it for a week and all of my ice cream melting (nightmare), it’s all been going really well- TOUCH WOOD. We have a spanking brand new freezer and have received nothing but positive feedback so far which is such a relief. Plus the ice cream tastes AH-MAZING too, salted caramel is my favourite.




A huge thank you to Rachel Hayton who took these amazing photos for us!

If you’re ever in Hawkshead, pop in and say hello.

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